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A Moment Marketing platform that connects brands and clients on an omnichannel experience.

Monitors TV and Radio channels to identify the advertising on air.  Synchronizes with the main online media platforms in the market. Generates an attribution solution per channel, period, content, and time amongst other metrics.

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The LED Trucks Break All Technology Ceilings Beyond The Current Standards In The Mobile Digital Truck Space

  • LED Screen Mobile Digital Trucks with Stage that opens up when the screens lift up.

  • Ready for product launches, viewing parties, product trials, and events.

  • Consumers will engage with the trucks and will always remember a brand that approached them in such an innovative way.

  • Connected to social media and with digital mobile capabilities to create engaging brand experiences for consumers.

kiwilimon mobile.png
  • Kiwilimon is the largest Spanish speaking digital food platform.

  • With more than 10 years in the market, Kiwilimon has emerged as a leader in branded content production and has proved to have the most engaged audience in the category globally.

  • Proud in providing our audience with the very best cooking recipes.

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